Friday, April 6, 2012

The Race Of Cristiano Ronaldo to Reach the Top

There is no doubt that the game of football is blessed with such wonderful players like Cristiano Ronaldo. When it comes to this high paid leading player of Real Madrid then, it is sure to say that Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction. Through his incomparable passion and strong knot to the football, he has proved to win the hearts of billions of football fans all over the globe. Once you capture his delightful story, combining his adorable achievements then you are sure to become his die-hard fan.
The Portuguese player took the first step of his success ladder in the year of 2002 .After his talent and potentials were recognized by Sir Alex Ferguson he was offered to play for Manchester United. He did not prove his coach wrong and succeeded in becoming a great player for the English giant club. At Manchester United he was given a role of a winger. In that position he used to attack ferociously running along the flanks and towards the goal. His Free kick abilities were perfect and he soon became a star of the world. He stayed at Manchester United for five years from 2003 to 2009. During this time he appeared in 196 premier league games and scored 84 goals. In addition to that his overall record was of 292 games and 118 goals.
Following his wonderful achievements at Manchester United, he was received an offer from Real Madrid to pursue his football career more perfectly, which he accepted. His remarkable skills and abilities at Real Madrid have made him one of the most successful footballers in the world. With only 93 league games he scored 103 goals, which is more than one goal per match, and even his overall record at Real Madrid is of 135 goals in 134 overall appearances at the club. He has made his country to feel proud of him by winning plenty of awards, games, and trophies including the main four awards of PFA and FWA in the year of 2007. Because of his high ability and dedication to tackle the game of football with such simplicity and skillfully, he has even broken number of records of high rate of goals against leading teams and matches.
 The abilities of young and energetic Ronaldo who plays as either striker or winger for Real Madrid are really unmatchable as he is exceptionally passionate about football game and this is reflected in his amazing developments that keep moving just towards success. So, just wait and see what other magic and wonders Cristiano Ronaldo has and wants to show his fans.

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Samuel said...

Cool dude i really like the details provided regarding CR but i think the focus on stats should have been in the separate box.

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Liza said...

I appreciate the way u wrote about my favorite CR but true that you must use separate box for stats.. but nice efforts keep it up)