Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A quick view Michael Jackson’s life

When the discussion is about the legendary pop artists of the world, you might know that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest pop artists of the world and people will remember him as a legend in the world. The title of being a legendary artist claims that this legendary person had the talent which no other artist could have. Although there are many of the pop singers out there in the world who show a different level of creativity to the world but the style and personality of this legendary pop singer was unique. Michael’s full name was Michael Joseph Jackson but was popularly known as his stage name Michael Jackson. Jackson started his career in the music field at the age of five as a lead vocalist of the Jackson 5, which was formed in 1964. Moving forward with the world while competing against the other competitors Michael kept on with the career and as the talent grew came with it much tougher competition. In 1968 the Jackson 5 got their first audition and moved to California and as they got a little too famous very early they changed their Band name from Jackson 5 to The Jacksons. After that the king of pop Michael Jackson kept going forward and kept on going popular in the world. Jackson won many of the Grammy awards and other awards, which increased the level of popularity of MJ among his fans. The very attractive act of MJ was the famous moonwalk, which became popular among the fans and after that kept on as a trademark of whenever MJ performed live. The death of Michael Jackson shocked all of the fans and all were in a state of shock when they heard about MJ’s life loss. The death of not only a loss to all the fans of MJ but also to the world as the world lost a very great personality known as king of pop Michael Jackson in 2009.

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