Monday, January 28, 2013

Success of Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 has rocketed its sales since its launch. Undoubtedly, Galaxy S3 has become a revolution in the smartphone industry and outplayed all the competing products. Even the highly debated iPhone 5s was not able to touch the lead that Galaxy S3 picked. According to various critics  Samsung galaxy s3 is one of the finest smartphone by far. Its extensive features and high performance has brought numerous successes to the flagship of brand of Samsung’s smartphones’ Galaxy s3.  When Apple was unable to beat the high performance of Samsung’s S3 through its iPhone 5 they launched a legal lawsuit against Samsung, which technically was not a suitable move by a company in the likes of Apple. Despite of every effort from not only Apple, but HTC and several other smartphone makers, Samsung has achieved a leadership position in the smartphone market through their revolutionary invention in the form of galaxy S3. 
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