Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Challenging the Leaders with Kindle Fire 2

Kindle Fire 2 is the upcoming tablet PC of Amazon that they planned to launch after the huge success of Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire enjoyed a massive market position beating the ultimate leader apple’s IPad2. The major reason was the pricing of this tablet that was far less than apple’s IPad2. Its features were also good but if we compare them with apple’s IPad2 then they lacked some basic functions. Kindle Fire 2 is expected to hit the market covering all those mistakes that Amazon did with their first tablet. There are rumors that this version of Kindle Fire will have a larger screen as previously people complained about a small screen size. Next to that Amazon will try to introduce an operating system that is more Amazon friendly with much better Amazon’s apps. Next to that they may also equip their next tablet with camera, stereo speakers, and enhanced memory options to meet the user’s expectations.
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Nancy said...

I personally love the Kindle Fire! It’s an incredible device with so many incredible features. Did you know Kindle Fire is the number one selling best product? It earned over 10,000 reviews from satisfy customers. It still remains the number one best seller in Amazon till this day. I felt in love with my Kindle and would like to share with you all the wonderful benefits of this great tablet.

Anonymous said...

My dad has the first Kindle Fire and loves it. Everyone in my family is always fighting over who gets to use it. I think this post really helped me decide that we will definitely be getting the Kindle Fire 2!