Saturday, March 31, 2012

Diabetes-how to live with it

It is quite important for you to be aware of what your problems are and at the same time how to control and treat them. One of the common problems faced by the people all over the world is of diabetes. It is referred to as a situation where the glucose in the blood reaches beyond a normal level. Diabetes can cause a lot of trouble and as a result it is essential to know how to control diabetes as otherwise it can turn into the problems of kidney, eye, high blood pressure, strokes or heart attack etc. Due to these reasons must know how to control diabetes maintain at acceptable level. Manage your diet and try to have healthy, low fat, and balanced diet attached with fiber. Exercising plays a vital role to keep your weight normal as heavy weight has a very bad affect on the sugar level of your blood. There are many factors that cause this problem so try to evaluate them and do not put much pressure upon yourself. For example stress, illness, menses, and other physiological problems make the situation worse. For such things take the help of proper medications and consult your dieticians or experts. In order to act on it keep checking your blood pressure also.


Anonymous said...

Like it very much and specially great for diabetes patients..

Dennis said...

Interesting. m happy to read it.

Amaya said...

Diabetes is really a problem and does not have any obvious cure. It is better in that regard to be able to live with this problem